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FIXD is a monitoring app that connects with your automobile heartbeat, and constantly analyzes all the aspects with precision. Whether its wheel alignment or engine oil replacement, you will get instant notifications without any delay. Plug the FIXD sensor in the OBD-II port of the car.

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FIXD is the easiest way for drivers to understand and maintain their vehicles.. Get notifications on your phone when your vehicle is coming up on its next.

First time using FIXD. FIXD is an amazing product. Very easy to install and get a reading! Very helpful, giving peace of mind as to what caused my engine light to come on. Gas cap! Oh my goodness, an easy fix for me. Saving a trip to my mechanic for this "fix.". Thank you FIXD! I bought three, one for myself and each of my two children.

and there have been a lot of positive reviews (ie. tweets). Kudos @ABC, the questions tonight have been fantastic. – Laura.

Operation that you’ll usually have to pay for.FIXD Unless you get the system for yourself. Until modern smartphones came by, the way to do it yourself was to buy an expensive OBD reader similar to.. Fixd Reviews Consumer Reports – This means that fixd reviews consumer reports you won’t have to endlessly scroll through to read things two lines at a time.

The FIXD also faces several negative reviewers who report that it does not connect well, if at all, after a short period of usage. Read more on Autozik NOW. FIXD can give you peace of mind when your kids get behind the wheel with this family device.

Fixd will notify you of the seriousness of the issue, as well as the consequences if you continue driving with this issue so that you know when you need to get off the road immediately and when you can still go on to reach your destination and take actions after that. Fixd user reviews are overall solid.

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